Duluth Musicians' Association

Fillable AFM-backed contracts added to members page

  April 22, 2016  

Two fillable AFM-backed contracts have been added to the members-only page. Local 18 members are strongly encouraged to use one of these contracts for gigs. When an approved contract is used and submitted to the local secretary/treasurer in advance of the gig date, you will have the backing of the Local 18 should any dispute arise. The cost to you is that you are expected to submit the standard 2% work dues to the secretary/treasurer following the gig. Should a dispute arise, Local 18 will assist in resolution. Should there be no resolution, Local 18 will pay you the money that you should have received according to your contract. At just 2% of the value of the gig, it is a bit like purchasing low-cost insurance!

  • Local 18 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada